Please read Terms & Conditions before making a booking


By booking with Adriana Boffa you confirm that you have read and understand and accept these Terms & Conditions.

All bookings must be confirmed in writing (e.g. by email).

Driver/Guided Tours
All rates include driver/guiding services, fuel, hire and reward insurance cover, parking but no entrance fees or other expenses.

All Tours
Client to cover own entrance fees, accommodation and food.
Any ferry crossing on the agreed itinerary to be paid entirely by client.
For coach tours, accommodation and food are the responsibility of the client. Also any out-of-pocket travel expenses to be met by the client.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% is due at the time of booking (upon confirmation and acceptance of tour fee), with the final balance to be paid no later than 28 days of the tour commencing.

Extended driver/guided tours will require guides overnight subsistence fee and any ferry bookings in advance +20% of the agreed tour fee.

All fees are quoted in British Pound Sterling.

Payment by Bank Transfer

Cancellation of a tour up to three months prior to the scheduled start date will accrue no penalty. For cancellation between three months and up to three weeks before the scheduled start date, 50% of the outstanding fee will be payable. Cancellation less than three weeks before the scheduled start date will require 100% of the outstanding fee to be paid. Deposits are non-refundable in the case of any cancellation. Cancellation must be advised in writing.

Adriana Boffa cannot accept responsibility for losses or additional expenses incurred due to delays or change in transportation (air, rail, sea or other services), technical problems to transport, sickness, weather, strike or other causes which are outside our control. Should Adriana Boffa have to cancel your booking for any unforeseen reasons any monies already received will be refunded in full. Adriana Boffa will not accept liability for any expenses over and above this.

Except for during travel, Adriana Boffa will not provide insurance cover. Customers are responsible for their own travel insurance. Luggage is conveyed at owners’ own risk.